About History Book Reviews

Jennie Erikson

I created History Book Reviews because learning about history is magical to me, and I read history books more than a normal person should. The purpose of this website is to incite interest in history and share my opinions of the books I read, and hopefully to entertain along the way. There is no pattern or theme to the books selected for review. I just read whatever I want to read and whatever I find fascinating, and I review it. Everything I write reflects my own personal opinions and experiences, and while I don't assume that everyone else will share my viewpoints, I do hope it will make for informative and entertaining reading!

I have had a deep passion (obsession) for history for as long as I can remember. I got my Bachelor's degree in Anthropology and History, with a minor in Latin, at the University of Washington and my Master's degree in Medieval Archaeology at the University of York in England. I have worked on archaeological excavations in Easter Island, England, and Jordan, as well as doing extensive contract archaeological surveys and excavations in the Plains region of the United States. I love traveling, hiking, and, obviously, reading, but what really lights my fire is learning about the past, and it's this love that I hope to communicate in History Book Reviews.

Jennie's Personal Articles

Archaeological Practice
Politics and Economics in Archaeological Practice
Posted Jan.23, 2016
Academic Article

In an ideal world the motivations and practices of archaeology should form a study of non-biased, systematic exploration of all aspects and regions of the human past. However, humans are inherently biased creatures, and the subjectivity and personal... Read More!

Exploring the Swedish Runestones
Posted Sept.4, 2015

Runestones have long held a fascination for me, both because of my Viking blood (my father is from Sweden and we usually go back every year to the family house) and because they are some of the only visible, above-ground remnants of early Scandinavian... Read More!

Adventures in the Middle East
Posted Aug.30, 2015

In 2008 I spent six weeks in Jordan participating in an archaeological excavation. It was a great experience, if only because it was so difficult that it taught me to appreciate my life in the United States more than I've ever done before. Between heat stroke... Read More!

Visiting The South
Posted Aug.26, 2015
Virginia, USA

Over Labor Day weekend in 2014, Ben and I were heading south. Actually, heading into THE South. We were on our way to Virginia to visit my uncle Mark, who does Civil War archaeology and who has an enormous collection of artifacts... Read More!